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Sim-Golf, short for simulation golf, represents the fusion of cutting-edge technology and the sport of golf. It brings the golf course to your home, creating a year-round golfing paradise regardless of weather conditions.

The benefits
of Sim-Golf:

Sim-Golf provides a score of advantages that cater to both beginners and seasoned golfers:

Year-Round Golfing

With Sim-Golf, you no longer depend on the weather or daylight hours to enjoy a game. Play at any time, in any season. You can even choose to game in the rain -without getting wet!

Realistic Gameplay

The heart of Sim-Golf lies in its realistic simulation. It recreates the experience of playing on renowned golf courses, offering lifelike visuals and challenges.

Precise Swing Analysis

The technology at the core of Sim-Golf captures your swing with precision. It provides detailed data on your clubhead speed, ball speed, launch angle, and more, helping you improve your skills.

Personalise your gaming

Sim-Golf is tailored to your preferences. You can customise settings to match your skill level and golfing goals, making it suitable for both beginners and pros.

The Sim-Golf Gameplay Experience

Premium Golf Simulators NZ brings the golf course to your living room or dedicated gaming space, offering a truly immersive and entertaining experience. Here's how a typical Sim-Golf gameplay session works:

1. Choose Your Course

Sim-Golf gaming allows you to select from various famous golf courses worldwide. Want to tee off at St. Andrews, Pebble Beach, or Augusta National? You can do that without leaving your home.

2. Step onto the green

Stand on the hitting mat and take your position as if on an actual golf course. The projector displays a high-definition replica of the chosen course on a large screen in front of you.

3. Select Your Club

You use your clubs, which are fitted with tracking dots (provided). The simulator software knows which club you're using, just like on an actual course.

4. Take your swing

Swing your club and strike the golf ball. The launch monitor records various data points, including clubhead speed, ball speed, launch angle, and spin rate.

5. Watch your shot

As you contact the ball, watch it soar through the virtual air on the screen. You can see the ball's trajectory, where it lands, and how it rolls on the green.

6. Analyse and Improve

After each shot, the simulator provides valuable feedback. You can analyse your performance, make adjustments, and perfect your swing.

Sim-Golf FAQ's

If you have more questions or need specific information about Premium Golf Simulators and Sim-Golf, please get in touch with us through our Contact Us page.

Let's get  started!

Whether you're a beginner looking to improve your game, a seasoned golfer seeking variety, or someone who enjoys golf-themed entertainment, Sim-Golf has something for everyone. Premium Golf Simulators offers a wide range of Sim-Golf solutions tailored to your preferences and space.

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