How does
Sim-Golf work?

Premium Golf Simulators NZ, where the perfect combination of hardware and software technology creates an immersive golfing experience right in your home. Let's find out how.
how the golf simulator technology works

The tech

Let's take a closer look at the core technology elements that power a Golf Simulator and create the Sim-Golf experience.
golf simulator technology - launch monitor

Launch Monitor

The launch monitor is like the brain of a Golf Simulator. It has special sensors and cameras that carefully watch your golf ball and how you swing your club. It measures how fast your club moves, the speed of the ball, the angle it flies, and how it spins. Some launch monitor options are transportable so you can use them on the golf course!
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golf simulator technology - software

Golf Software

The software combines the Launch Monitor data with the course data to recreate your shot within the virtual golf course. The software looks at how you swing, how your club hits the ball, and even how the golf course terrain to recreate the digital experience accurately. The software also gives you feedback and results to analyse and improve your technique.
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golf simulator technology - projector & computer

Projector & Computer

The high-quality projector combined with a powerful gaming PC creates an immersive virtual gameplay environment. The super-realistic virtual golf course is projected onto a screen in front of your tee in high definition. It's like you're there on the course!
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golf simulator technology - screens & enclosures

Screen & Enclosure

The projector screen is a heavy-duty, impact-resistant polyester designed to withstand the impact of your golf ball while creating the perfect projector surface. An enclosure surrounds the screen to help contain your ball.
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golf simulator technology - hitting mat

Hitting Mat

The hitting mat is a multi-layered design, which helps mimic the feel of being on a natural green. But that's not all - add the optional sensors to measure your stance, foot movements and weight transfer for extra data and analysis.
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golf simulator technology - strike nets

Strike Nets

For those not wanting a projector and screen enclosure, use a catch net. The net catches your golf ball and directs it back to you. Nets come in different sizes with optional side barriers. Perfect if you prefer a more transportable setup.
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Check out the tech!

Whether you're a beginner looking to improve your game, a seasoned golfer seeking variety, or someone who enjoys golf-themed entertainment, Sim-Golf has something for everyone. Premium Golf Simulators offers a wide range of Sim-Golf solutions tailored to your preferences and space.

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